Avien Partawie (University of Hildesheim) to Marmara University(Turkey)

Can you please introduce yourself briefly? How long have you stayed in Turkey? Where do you live in Istanbul?

I am Avien Partawie and I come from the University of Hildesheim from Germany. I’ve been in Turkey for six months and I live in Ataşehir.

Tell us why you prefered to attend Erasmus in Turkey?

Because it was already in my Erasmus list and I believed that life in Turkey would be affordable.

How was your first week in Turkey?

It was really nice! But it was quite chaotic in the university. I had to try hard to get to know about every teacher’s opinions.

When comparing two universities’ academicians, are there any differences in terms of their approaches to students?

In Germany, academians are more formal than in Turkey.

What do you think about the Turkish education in general?

There may be more practical lessons. I study German – English Translation and my friends don’t speak German very well.

Did you get used to the transportation system of the city and the place you stay in terms of accommodation?

I come to the school by a bus directly coming to my university. So it was easy for me to get used to the transportation system since it was not a big problem concerning my road. However I am not used to traffic, which is a problem for me.

What dishes do you like the most in Turkish cuisine?

I really love künefe and kebap. I think Turkish cuisine is quite different from German cuisine.

How is the city in terms of living conditions as an Erasmus student?

Everything is OK If you are with a person who speaks Turkish. However it may not be easy to communicate if you don’t have a Turkish friend with you.

How is the social life on the university campus?

I think it’s OK. You can bring a cup of tea and enjoy the place.

How is the city for sightseeing?

It’s pretty good! It would have been way better without traffic.

How is the night life in Istanbul?

Actually I cannot say anything about the night life because I don’t go to pubs, even in Germany.

Which cities and places have you visited in Turkey so far?

Kocaeli, Samsun, Antalya and Diyarbakır. Diyarbakır was my favourite city in terms of its  history. Its history and old buildings inspired me a lot.

What are the things that you like the most in Turkey as an Erasmus student?

Bazaars. We don’t have any bazaar in Germany. I like getting foods and vegetable from there.

Vegetables are much better here, they are orijinal and natural and they taste better!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Istanbul?

As an advantage, you can see lots of amazing places in Istanbul. I think the traffic is the only negative thing that I can say.

“She is like a mom for me here.”


Can you tell us a memorable moment you’ve experienced here?

I have a teacher here. Originally most of the lessons of mine should be in English but some teachers prefer to lecture in Turkish so that teacher (she is like a mom for me here) translates everything for me.

Did you undergo any culture shock?

Yes, I saw a man from Trabzon. He was wearing skirt and dancing. It was the first time that I saw a man in woman clothes. That was really shocking for me! They were like Romanian or Bulgarian people but I am not sure.

What are the three things that come to your mind when you consider your Erasmus experience in Turkey?

Traffic, food, bazaar.

“I am more patient now”

How did Erasmus in Turkey change your life?

I am more patient now. When I go back to Germany, I won’t say anything if the bus doesn’t come in time. I can wait even for an hour without being angry.

Did the Erasmus Program meet your expectations, why do you think so?

I can say that it met half of my expectation. The organization is a bit hard in here. But the teachers are really nice and valuable.

Do you have any recommendation for those who are planning to attend Erasmus in Turkey?

It would be better for you to learn a little bit Turkish before coming.

Tell us why the others should choose to attend Erasmus in Turkey!

Studying in Turkey makes studying easier! You can relax and enjoy Istanbul here.

I love Erasmus in Turkey because I can have so much good food here!

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